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International travel health insurance for individuals, groups, and corporate travelers.

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Let your education set sail
All aboard. ISU students are sailing around the world in the Semester at Sea study abroad program.
Press Gaggle aboard Air Force One en route Boise, Idaho, 1/21/15
Aboard Air Force One En Route Boise, Idaho  11:47 A.M. EST MR. EARNEST:  Good morning, everybody, and welcome aboard Air Force One as we make our way toward the beautiful state of Idaho.  As you all know, this is the first opportunity that the President has had to visit the state of Idaho as President.  The President did campaign in Idaho during his efforts to capture the Democratic presidential ...
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Josh Earnest en route Cedar Falls, IA, 1/14/15
Aboard Air Force One En Route Cedar Rapids, Iowa  1:34 P.M. EST MR. EARNEST:  A couple of quick things before we get started.  The first is, yesterday evening the President had the opportunity to telephone head Coach Urban Meyer from the National Champion Ohio State University football team.  He called just to congratulate the coach on their big victory, the first ever college football playoff ...
Don't toss those boarding passes! There may be hidden deals
Travelers, take note. Those boarding passes that often get lost or discarded after your flight may be useful after all. Airline tickets may no longer come with meals, pillows or much legroom on planes. However, on some domestic and international flights, paper or electronic boarding passes come packed with a wide variety of on-the-ground bonuses.
Obama proposes free community college for all
Danielle Haynes WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (UPI) -- U.S. President Barack Obama says he plans to propose making the first two years of community college free for "everybody who's willing to work for it."
Obama's #SOTU press strategy: all of the above
A policy proposal announced on Facebook. A "behind the scenes" YouTube video. A copy of the speech on Medium before it even started on TV. For this year's State of the Union, White House press ...
Indo-US joint statement after Obama-Modi talks
Joint Statement during the visit of US President Barack Obama to India – ''Shared Effort; Progress for All'' 1. The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, accompanied by...
Deer Lodge man finds niche in community service, productivity
Dick Bauman’s sisters once gave him a hat on which they had written the 31 “hats’’ he has worn over the years.
Weak goals for incentives achieve little, distort competition
Vast downtown projects are each spending $1.75 billion to create retail, residences, hotels, garages and more in multi-block swaths. But government is treating them differently as they compete in the marketplace, tilting the playing field.
CATS Out of The Bag, Crawling Around ISS for Science Down Below
“Robotic controllers let the CATS out of the bag!” So says NASA spokesman Dan Huot in a cool new NASA timelapse video showing in detail how CATS crawled around the space stations gangly exterior and clawed its way into its new home – topped off with a breathtaking view of our home planet that will […]