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British Airways

International airline in United Kingdom. Online booking, flight schedules, and frequent flyer club.

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How First Class travel with British Airways has changed over past 40 years
To mark its 40th anniversary, the airline has released iconic photographs showcasing its upper market cabin through the ages - revealing how high flyers would be treated to a free packet of Benson & Hedges, and a seven-course meal.
British Airways to power jets with fuel made from garbage waste
British Airways has announced plans to power its flights using sustainable jet fuel made from landfill waste -- a move it says will be equal to taking 150,000 cars off the road. In partnership with Solena Fuels, the UK’s flagship carrier says it's committed to buying 50,000 tonnes of the sustainable jet fuel a year once the facility is completed in 2017.
British Airways and fuel firm to land in Thurrock creating hundreds of jobs
MORE than 1,000 jobs will be created by building a ground-breaking centre that will see landfill rubbish turned into aircraft fuel.
British Airways Plans To Turn Garbage Into Jet Fuel
Do you remember at the end of Back to the Future , where Doc Brown tossed a banana peel, some egg shells, and a partially-consumed beer into "Mr. Fusion" to make the DeLorean time machine fly? Now, in the present, British Airways has announced its "GreenSky" project will convert solid waste into jet fuel. Read more...
British Airways Wants To Fuel Its Planes With Garbage
British Airways is teaming up with Washington D.C-based Solena Fuels to spin garbage into jet fuel in a project called "GreenSky"  (via Jalopnik ). Solena is using something called  plasma gasification  to convert 551,000 tons of waste into gas. It will then use a chemical conversion to convert the gas into 16 million gallons of jet fuel annually, according to British Airways. "The construction ...
British Airways gives green light to use waste for jet fuel
British Airways has announced that it will start producing jet fuel made from waste destined for landfill in order to reduce its carbon emissions.
GreenSky London facility to be built on Essex former oil refinery site
The British Airways-Solena Fuels partnership will build the GreenSky London facility on the site of the former Coryton oil refinery in Essex. The facility, which will convert landfill waste into jet fuel, will open in 2017, two years later than originally planned. read more
Velocys boosted by British Airways landfill-to-fuel update
News that a British Airways biomass-to-jet fuel project has entered the site engineering phase has given a boost to AIM-listed Velocys, which is to provide its gas-to-liquids technology to the scheme's ...
British Airways announces green fuel plant in Essex
BA will commit to buy 50,000 tonnes of jet fuel made from converted waste as part of GreenSky project Continue reading...
Russian Billionaire to Help Make Green Fuel at Ex-BP Refinery
British Airways Plc and its partner Solena Fuels will use Velocys’s technology to convert 575,000 metric tons of trash into 120,000 tons of fuels a year once the facility is completed in 2017, the carrier said today in a statement . The airline has committed to buy fuel for the next 11 years from the GreenSky project, which equates to $550 million at today’s prices.