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Dolphins Can Sense Magnets, Study Suggests
Dolphins can now add magnetic sense to their already impressive resume of abilities, new research suggests. The animals may use their magnetic sense to navigate based on the Earth's magnetic field, the researchers said. A number of different animals are thought to possess this magnetic sense, called "magnetoreception," including turtles, pigeons, rodents, insects, bats and even deer (which are ...
Solar Storms Sending Biggest Threats to Earth Today and Tomorrow
Airlines have rerouted some flights and global positioning system and radio transmissions may be degraded through tomorrow as two solar eruptions strike Earth and affect its magnetic field. Space Weather Prediction Center is tracking two coronal mass ejections, "huge expulsions of magnetic field and plasma" that shot out of an area near the center of the sun's disc. "Essentially the sun just ...
Dolphins May Use Magnetic Sense as GPS
Dolphins can sense magnetism, suggesting that they track Earth’s magnetic field to navigate through the water -- Read more on
Scientists say dolphins can sense magnets. But why?
New research reveals that dolphins can distinguish between objects that are magnetized and ones that aren't.
Earth's water older than Sun: Study
A new study has revealed that water found on Earth predates the formation of the Sun, hinting that life could exist on exoplanets, the planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy.
Earth's plate movements clue to mineral deposits: Study
Analysis of rocks from the seafloor off New Zealand has given scientists an insight into how the Earth's tectonic plates have been moving for millions of years and the formation of submarine mineral deposits.
Mars on Earth: How Utah's Fantastical Moqui Marbles Formed
Where the Navajo Sandstone loses its iconic peach, orange and red stripes, hundreds of round, iron-coated stones often litter the ground. The stony spheres are concretions — sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. Often called moqui marbles, acres of the chocolate-colored rocks are scattered across Utah and Arizona. The milestone — among the early evidence for water on ...
Early earth may not have been as 'hellish' as previously imagined
A new study has revealed that the conditions on early earth, which is 500 million years after it was formed, may not be as bad as previously imagined; in fact it might be similar to the present day.
Northern Lights live feed: See the Aurora Borealis after the solar storm
A solar storm zapped Earth on Friday but caused few, if any, problems. It also allowed more people to see the colourful northern lights
Solar Storms May Affect GPS Data, Radio Transmissions
Two solar storms forecast to strike Earth starting tonight may degrade global position satellite devices and radio transmissions.