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Civilization: Beyond Earth Getting A Substantial Update
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Aided by Art, Theory of Life's Extra-Solar Origin Gets Boost
Edward Belbruno is a mathematician and an artist. His paintings are in major collections and exhibited throughout the United States, and he regularly consults with NASA from his position as a cosmology researcher at Princeton University. He is also author of "Fly Me to the Moon" (Princeton University Press, 2007). Litho, from the Greek lithos, for stone, and panspermia from the Greek for "all ...
Highway 169 closure details draw crowd in St. Peter
A steady stream of people came throughout a two-hour open house Monday where state highway officials explained work that would be done this summer in preparation for a mega project in 2016 in which Highway 169 will be closed from Mankato to St. Peter for the entire construction season.
Mission to Mars: Why aspiring colonists want to leave Earth behind forever
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 YC-backed Transitmix, which is in the middle of the three-month accelerator program, is building a business out of helping city planners make smarter choices when configuring bus routes. The fix? An online mapping tool to speed up the process of devising and comparing bus routes. Read More
Decades of human waste have made Mount Everest a ‘fecal time bomb’
As much as 13 tons of human excrement is left on the mountain each season.
ETSU temporarily closes traffic routes
ETSU will close parts of campus to vehicular traffic starting Feb. 11 and lasting until Monday to accommodate large vehicles being brought by event exhibitors for the Annual Home and Garden Show.