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Safe Routes donation
Select Internet Options from the Tools menu. In Internet Options dialog box select the Security tab. Select the earth(Internet) icon. Click the Custom Level...
Witness cosmic double play of Neptune, 'Dodgeball' Asteroid tonight
Astronomers can enjoy a cosmic double play of Neptune and 'Dodgeball' Asteroid tonight.
Why in ‘remote, cold corners’ of the world, melting ground is giving way
Watch Video | Listen to the Audio JUDY WOODRUFF: Finally tonight, new indications that the planet is warming, especially in the frozen north. Scientists have been tracking Arctic thawing for decades, and they have seen a dramatic increase since 2000. RELATED LINKS Unmapped routes may pose dangers for shipping boom in Arctic waters Polar bears struggle to survive as Arctic climate changes ...
Earth can sustain more terrestrial plant growth
Our planet can produce much more land-plant biomass -- the total material in leaves, stems, roots, fruits, grains and other terrestrial plant parts -- than previously thought, says new research.
Rapes will happen so long as Earth exists: Trinamool legislator
Even as the controversy surrounding Trinamool Congress parliamentarian Tapas Paul's 'rape and kill' remarks is yet to subside, a party legislator has created a row by saying "rapes will happen so long as the Earth exists".
Atlantic Ocean gobbled Earth's missing heat: Study
Presenting a new theory about where the Earth's missing heat finally disappeared, a new research says a natural climate cycle in the north Atlantic Ocean may have gobbled the Earth's extra heat.
Composition of Earth's mantle is different than previously thought: Study
A new study has helped researchers determine that the composition of Earth's lower mantle is quiet different than previously thought.
Sandburg Home seeks alternative parking, travel options for visitors
For the betterment of local tourism and Earth's climate, the National Park Service is working to connect the Carl Sandburg Home to municipal greenways and transit routes so locals won't have to just drive there.
Sandpiper routes move forward, but hearing does little to clear future
ST. PAUL -- The proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline project got more complex Thursday as the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved moving forward with both the original and an alternative pipeline route.
Watching the Winds Where Sea Meets Sky
The SeaWinds scatterometer on NASA's QuikScat satellite stares into the eye of 1999's Hurricane Floyd as it hits the U.S. coast. The arrows indicate wind direction, while the colors represent wind speed, with orange and yellow being the fastest. Image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.