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Treasure hunter locates a Bronze Age settlement using GOOGLE EARTH
A former Royal Marine from Plymstock, Devon trawelled satellite images to find the sort of terrain that would have offered food, water and shelter to prehistoric men.
Earth-observing instrument activated on space station
In a bid to monitor Earth better, NASA has successfully installed and activated its first Earth-observing instrument - the ISS-RapidScat - on the International Space Station (ISS).
Design the ideal PH transit route with Transitmix
NEW YORK, USA – Imagine if you could plan your own city’s transit line. How would you design your perfect bus or jeepney system or routes from, say, Pasig to Quiapo or, if that’s already working perfectly fine, what about planning transit lines to and from remote villages? That ...
Sid Meier’s Civilization®: Beyond Earth™ Coming to Mac and Linux This Holiday Season
Aspyr Media, in partnership with 2K and Firaxis Games, announced today that Sid Meier’s Civilization®: Beyond Earth™ will be launching on Steam for both Mac and Linux and on Apple’s Mac App Store this holiday season.
New Zealand fault hole revealing secrets of earth's crust
An international team of scientists drilling a 1.3-km deep hole into the Alpine Fault in New Zealand's South Island say they are already gaining valuable insights into the earth's crust less than a quarter of the way down.
Earth's looming 'magnetic poles flip' may happen sooner than expected
Scientists have recently warned that the Earth's magnetic field could switch, causing what is known as north and south to turn upside down and it may happen sooner than previously expected.
Earth's magnetic flip could increase cancer rates
A team of scientists has demonstrated that the last magnetic reversal of the Earth 786,000 years ago actually happened very quickly, in less than 100 years - roughly a human lifetime.
Mars-like environments on Earth clue to life on Red Planet
The search for life on Mars has now got a new twist as researchers believe that a study of Mars-like environment on the Earth could help them better understand the clues to life on the Red Planet.
New optical device to help find Earth-like planets
Two astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics are developing a new laser-based technology that may be used to find Earth-like exoplanets orbiting distant stars in the near future.
Mars on Earth: How Utah's Fantastical Moqui Marbles Formed
Where the Navajo Sandstone loses its iconic peach, orange and red stripes, hundreds of round, iron-coated stones often litter the ground. The stony spheres are concretions — sandstone balls cemented by a hard shell of iron oxide minerals. Often called moqui marbles, acres of the chocolate-colored rocks are scattered across Utah and Arizona. The milestone — among the early evidence for water on ...